NIV sells former "Real" market Herten to Ten Brinke

NIV GmbH has sold the former "Real-Markt" in Herten to Ten Brinke.

Dorsten, 15. August 2021. NIV GmbH - Naumann Immobilienanlage & Vermögensmanagement - a company belonging to the Dorsten-based NIG Naumann Immobiliengruppe, has purchased the former "Real-Markt" on Hoppenwall in Herten and has now resold it to the Ten Brinke Group, which will further develop and implement the project.

At the Herten site, NIV GmbH has signed new commercial leases with EDEKA Rhein-Ruhr Stiftung & Co. KG for a "Marktkauf" market and a new "Trink Gut" beverage market, which are intended to revitalize the former "Real" site. The conversion of the former "Real" market and the construction of the new beverage store are now being carried out by Ten Brinke and are scheduled to start this year so that the property can be occupied by the new tenants next year. On the opposite site, where the former Real Hifi and beverage market is located, a residential development is to be built. For this purpose, NIV GmbH has already held preliminary talks regarding a new development plan with the city, which is very positive about the project. Ten Brinke is now developing the property further and is also implementing this project.

"We are very pleased that in Ten Brinke we have found a major construction development company and competent partner who is now implementing the project and would like to take this opportunity to express our special thanks once again for the very good and constructive cooperation on this project," says managing partner Lars Naumann. After a short and dynamic development phase for a project of this size, the original plans can now be implemented with the new owner Ten Brinke.  "This development will give a new boost to development for Herten in general and for Bertlich in particular" adds the city planning officer Janine Feldmann, who has closely accompanied the process so far with her team.

 "With the realization of the project, there will once again be the possibility for people in the region to shop locally and to supply themselves with food. And new living space will also be created, which is a real added value for the city of Herten," says Peter El-Dessouki, branch manager of Ten Brinke Projektentwicklung in Gladbeck.

About Ten Brinke

Ten Brinke is an internationally active company in the fields of project development, construction and asset management. With offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Greece, Ten Brinke has an average annual turnover of approximately one billion euros and around 1,200 employees. Its extensive expertise in both the development and construction of projects enables Ten Brinke to cover the entire value chain of the real estate market, from private homes to complex large-scale industrial projects. As a family-run business, the company can already look back on a 115-year history.

About NIV GmbH

NIV GmbH -Naumann Immobilienanlage & Vermögensmanagement- is a privately owned management and investment company based in Dorsten, Germany. NIV GmbH -Naumann Immobilienanlage & Vermögensmanagement- buys real estate in Germany, primarily in North Rhine-Westphalia. The focus is on buying commercial properties, multi-family houses, supermarkets and retail parks and developing them if required.



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