More than 30 years of experience in the rental sector

Attractive shopping in supermarkets and specialty shopping centres is guaranteed by the development of shopping worlds worth experiencing with a high quality of stay. An essential component of this is a sustainably successful letting concept. This requires a rental concept that takes into account not only the current but also the future needs of the retail trade.

Retail is change.

The flexibility of the retail space and thus the overall planning of the property is of great importance when it comes to letting. The special features of the local market and the associated selection of potential tenants must be taken into account.

Retail is detail.

A decisive factor in the financing and realisation of new construction projects is the letting. As a rule, financing commitments for major projects are only made when a certain pre-letting rate has been reached.

In more than 30 years, the NIG Naumann Real Estate Group has concluded rental agreements with many regional and nationwide retail companies as part of its letting contracts. This includes letting to regional individual concepts, well-known chain stores and attractive major tenants.

Here are a few examples: