Real estate in special situations

Real estate from foreclosure and insolvency proceedings often offer much greater scope for the purchase price than real estate via the "normal" market. Foreclosure auctions and insolvency proceedings are, however, regarded by many prospective buyers as an opaque purchasing process with many risks. For this reason, many prospective buyers do not deal with this complex subject and thus miss out on many favourable purchase opportunities. We have specialised in the processing and marketing of foreclosure and insolvency properties and bring transparency to the proceedings through our work. We support you in the dissolution and/or restructuring of properties that have gotten into difficulties and offer solutions even before a foreclosure sale takes place. With professional know-how we eliminate commercial and technical deficits of the properties.

Real estate in special situations at NIG Naumann Real Estate Group

The NIG Naumann Real Estate Group has many years of proven experience in the sale of real estate in special situations. Our focus is on objective consideration and observation of the current status of the property, the current cash flow and the current market situation. Especially the corona pandemic at the beginning of 2020 requires a fundamental reassessment of the market. Even in difficult times, our focus is always on finding the "best buyer", i.e. the optimal purchaser for the properties, with the support of our excellent network of highly qualified investors.

The NIG Naumann Real Estate Group supports banks, funds and insurance companies throughout Germany in marketing properties in special situations. Due to our know-how and our experience we are able to master every challenge that arises with distressed properties. Below you will find a selection of companies for which we have already been successfully active: