1st Gofus-Team-Challenge at the GC Schwarze Heide Kirchhellen

NIKM GmbH is sponsoring the 1st Gofus Team Challenge.

Dorsten, 28. May 2019. The 1st Gofus-Team-Challenge at the GC Schwarze Heide Kirchhellen exceeded the expectations. 20,000 euros will now be invested in the renovation of two playgrounds in Bottrop alone.

The result was much better than hoped for. And Bottrop benefits twice over: the golfing footballers earned the impressive sum of 40,000 euros at the 1st Gofus Team Challenge at GC Schwarze Heide. The money is now flowing into a total of four playground projects, two of which are being realised in Bottrop.

"I am simply excited. The result has surprised us all more than positively" said Lars Naumann, co-initiator and sponsor of the Gofus Team-Challenge.

The Kirchhellener had won Mathias Schipper for the idea to lure the golfing footballers to Kirchhellen in the early phase of his planning. The Gofus Association has been committed for years to helping economically disadvantaged children and young people and supports many life-long projects. More than 150 playground and football field projects have been realized so far. Together with partners, municipalities and cities, a total project volume of more than 7 million euros has been realized.

Together with the GC Schwarze Heide and the former Schalke-Profi, the plans for the 1st Gofus Team-Challenge at Gahlener Straße have become more and more concrete and have now been successfully implemented. The premiere was successful and fulfilled all expectations. The Gofus (golfing soccer players) sent a whole range of former Bundesliga greats to the Schwarze Heide: Eric Meijer, Klaus Fischer, Horst Köppel, Erwin and Helmut Kremers, Siggi Held, Ferenc Schmidt, Peter Neururer and many others took part in the tee-offs for a good cause. Star chef Björn Freitag was also part of the tournament.

Behind the scenes, a considerable number of sponsors from the membership of the Golf Club Schwarze Heide joined forces. The aim was to raise as much money as possible for the Gofus project "Platz da!”

The tournament proceeds, a donation of 5,000 euros from Schalke hilft and an auction brought a total of 35,211 euros, which Gofus increased to 40,000 euros. The money will now be invested in a total of four playgrounds, two of which are located in Bottrop. In the Brinkmannsfeld a play combination with slide and swing will be installed and the existing carousel will be replaced. There are also plans to modernise the clay court. At the Hebeleckstraße, the swing and the turntable are already getting on in years, and the two playgrounds are to be replaced after 16 years of intensive use. Among other things, a play combination for younger children and a beam seesaw are to be newly installed there. Because the playground struggles with a wetness problem after rainfall, it is planned to provide the sand surface with a point drainage system.

The Gofus Team-Challenge should not be a mayfly. "The tournament was a success from A to Z. We were able to bundle an amazing amount of forces in the club and are very happy about the result," commented Lars Naumann and immediately announced the new edition: "We have already received promises for 2020 from most sponsors and supporters. We are very grateful for this". The conclusion of Mathias Schipper was just as positive. But the former professional footballer also admitted: "We put a lot of effort into organising the tournament and were a little sceptical at the beginning. But it became clear during the first few hours that we would be very successful. At the end of the day I took Lars Naumann in my arms and went home with a smile on my face. It was a grandiose day."

Naumann and Schipper also saw the feedback of the participants as a reward for their work. Schipper: "Neither Lars Naumann nor I had to do much convincing. The people were happy to donate and thanked us in their own way for the great tournament." A big thank you was directed by Jörn Romeiß to the host GC Schwarz Heide. The Gofus project manager explained: "The club put a lot of effort into the realization, that was noticeable everywhere. The catering on the round, the loving hospitality in the clubhouse. Everyone felt good. The gofus will be happy to come back next year."


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