Upgrading planned for the Eigen

Wastelands and vacant lots make way for new residential project and improved local amenities.

Bottrop, November 03, 2020. In the coming years, the people of Bottrop are to benefit from high-quality new buildings at several locations within the city area. This was announced today (November 3) by Lord Mayor Bernd Tischler together with the project development company IPG Investment GmbH and EDEKA Rhein-Ruhr. The aim is to replace unsightly vacancies or dilapidated buildings with contemporary, affordable housing and modern supermarkets and drugstores.

We are talking about sites that are well known in the cityscape: including the area around Eigener Markt and properties on Gladbecker Strasse and Schubertstrasse.

Lord Mayor Bernd Tischler then also speaks of a special hour for urban development. "The lack of local supply at Eigener Markt and the sight of the former car dealership on Gladbecker Straße, which has now even partially burned out, cannot satisfy me as Lord Mayor. The fact that we are now succeeding in advancing a very good urban development for both locations at the same time for the citizens of the city is a good sign for Bottrop's urban development and once again makes it clear that in Bottrop politics, city administration and business are pulling together."

The project developers and investors of IPG, Lars Naumann and Michael Hiesgen, speak of a "real eye-catcher" with their construction project in Eigen. "A large EDEKA supermarket and great apartments await the people of Bottrop here," says Naumann. The Eigener Markt location is predestined for the implementation of the retail concept of the city of Bottrop and the settlement of a large-scale full-range grocery store EDEKA, a bakery, a drugstore and a bank service point. The intention is also to create around 2,000 square meters of contemporary and affordable living space here.

The 1,800-square-meter EDEKA supermarket and the associated 700-square-meter drugstore provide the floor space for the apartments that are to be built on top of it on the first and second floors and enliven the overall picture as an imposing roof structure.

Elke Kaup, responsible for Site Development & Expansion EDEKA Rhein-Ruhr in the region, is enthusiastic about this development: "The citizens in Eigen understandably found it difficult to accept the closure of the much smaller EDEKA supermarket at Eigener Markt a few years ago. We are all the more pleased to finally be able to guarantee local supply at this location again. Eigen is thus experiencing a significant upgrade as a district of the city."

As a result of these generous construction measures, a new mixed-use area can be created at Gladbecker Strasse 158-162, around the existing NETTO store complex including the practices located there. This project will be implemented with the sale of the land from EDEKA to IPG.

The first step is to remove the vacant and partially burned-out CarGo car dealership - the "eyesore" in the eyes of many Bottroper residents. In addition, the current NETTO is to be demolished and rebuilt on an area of 800 square meters. The new practice areas of the dentist and a dental laboratory will then be built on the upper floor. And here, too, the creation of contemporary, affordable and partly socially subsidized living space is a declared goal.

Michael Hiesgen holds out the prospect of demolishing the former car dealership as early as the beginning of 2021: "Due to the unfortunate fire that took place on the site a few weeks ago, the first thing to do is to clarify insurance issues regarding the fire settlement. I expect that we will be able to do this by the end of the year." The plan is to begin construction of the NETTO and the upcoming medical office space on what will then be the former "CarGo site" as early as spring 2021 and to complete it by the end of 2021. "The second construction phase will only be demolished and rebuilt when the first is completed," Hiesgen said. Residential buildings are then to be built here.

The new construction of the NETTO store with the practice areas in Gladbecker Straße is possible with the existing building law and can already be started next year. In order to realize the residential development on Gladbecker Strasse and the construction of the local shopping center on Eigener Markt, it is first necessary to create building rights by drawing up development plans. The parties involved expect this to take around two to three years of planning. Construction work can then start immediately. A decision on the initiation of the two planning procedures is to be taken at the next meeting of the Urban Planning and Environmental Protection Committee on December 9. At the same time, a planning agreement is to be concluded in which the three project participants commit themselves to implementing the urban development goals.

In total, Lars Naumann estimates, the investment sum for the significant upgrading of the cityscape in Eigen will amount to around 14.2 million euros and the entire new development on Gladbecker Straße to around 16.8 million euros.

The construction projects are to be made possible by a land swap between the city of Bottrop and IPG. The property owned by IPG at Schubertstrasse 50, which was formerly home to the Mengede meat factory, has been completely redeveloped and is to be swapped with the municipal land at Eigener Markt. The building yard of the municipal Environment and Green Department could then be rebuilt on Schubertstrasse, thus solving a third urban development problem.

Klaus Müller, the technical councillor, then already has the next development in mind: "An attractive residential area, which has been planned for some time, could then be built on the site of the current building yard on Hans-Böckler-Strasse, which is in urgent need of renovation."


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