Administrative and investment company

NIV GmbH -Naumann Immobilienanlage & Vermögensmanagement- is a privately held management and investment company based in Dorsten, North Rhine-Westphalia.

NIV GmbH -Naumann Immobilienanlage & Vermögensmanagement- purchases real estate in Germany primarily in North Rhine-Westphalia. The focus is on buying commercial real estate, apartment buildings, supermarkets and specialty shopping centres and developing them as required.

We are constantly interested in expanding our portfolio, concentrating only on the German territory. The properties are quickly examined and evaluated internally. The purchase is quick and uncomplicated.

Our conservative investment strategy secures the long-term value of our portfolio, which currently consists of properties in various cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. We always ensure that all our properties are fully let and very well maintained. We attach great importance to a good relationship with our tenants.

Our investments and purchases are based on the following criteria

  • Asset deals with a volume from EUR 1 to 20 million
  • Focus on properties in the middle of their economic life cycle with or without development potential
  • Investment properties with mixed use, MFH, FMZ, residential complexes, residential and commercial buildings, sub-portfolios and entire portfolios
  • German conurbations of A and B cities, but also C cities in Germany, but a growing population and sustainable microlocation are mandatory prerequisites.

We gladly acquire real estate with conversion capability according to BauNVO (e.g. through qualified B-plan) or land use plan that permits residential use.

Within the framework of our legal and economic due diligence, we conduct quick and solution-oriented reviews together with a leading international law firm. As part of our technical due diligence, we examine the technical requirements together with TÜV. We pay attention to a low risk of loss of rent and easy re-letting possibilities.

Especially in North Rhine-Westphalia, especially in the Ruhr area, we are also interested in land for supermarkets, residential and commercial buildings and apartment buildings.

There is great interest in expanding our portfolio:

  • Supermarkets
  • retail parks
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • apartment buildings

You can download our purchase profile via the following link: Purchase profile NIV GmbH

You are welcome to send us your offers by email to We will then get in touch with you at short notice. If you are interested, our quick initial evaluation will be followed by a prompt inspection and an offer to purchase. The internal processes and the cooperation with the financing banks take place quickly and smoothly. We are in a position to carry out the most extensive inspections in the shortest possible time and to certify the real estate in approx. 4 weeks after inspection.

All contacts, offers and documents are treated with the utmost discretion, care and courtesy.